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DashBouquet is one of the leading software development companies founded in 2014.

With 4.8 stars on Clutch, we constantly aim for innovation and treat every project with great care and attention. Though our main focus lies in mobile development and MVP development, we also work with AI and machine learning and can handle projects of different sizes and complexity. Our clients love us for our high level of expertise in JS, quick and efficient solutions, a high level of flexibility, and critical thinking.

We are not here to just “write code” - we want to team up with our clients and together, come up with bombastic software products. It’s all clear with the clients - but what do our employees love us for?

First of all, we are 100% in for being ourselves. Yes, we have a cultural code and it’s based on the following: honesty (yes, even with the CEO!), transparent communication, quick thinking, independence. It might seem that we are asking for too much - but we also give a lot in return.

We offer fun and challenging projects (check out our portfolio), opportunities for growth, we encourage initiative, and we always provide you tons of resources for learning. Does it sound good enough to give it a try?

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