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What is Adform?

Adform is a web-based advertising platform used throughout Europe by the largest media groups, advertisers and media sites such as Mediacom, Coca-cola or MSN. As an integral part of their advertising business these companies build, buy, serve and optimize what ads to show different users in real time through Adform.
Founded in Denmark (2002) it has expanded to having more than 800 employees across 18 Europe and USA. The biggest office by far is in Vilnius, Lithuania, where most Research and Development, Product Management, HR and Accounting are located. About 100 people work in Research and Development using some of the most advanced methodology and technologies.


Adform provides you with a digital advertising solution that unlocks your online potential. Our platform is simple and includes campaign planning, ad serving, optimisation, analytics, reports and much more. We have leading clients in all major industries and we are rapidly expanding our product palette and geographical presence. Today Adform's technologies and services are used by more than 21,000 advertisers, 1,600 agencies, and 800 of the world's leading publishers. To help you reach your digital advertising potential we always challenge the present in order to create tomorrow’s solutions.

All development focus is on improving the Adform platform. As a result, developers work with some interesting challenges in the architecture and new features which they build. These challenges are especially in:

High load

Buying, serving and tracking many billion ads every day in real-time give peak loads of well over 200.000 QPS – with each single transaction requires database access and decision-making in milliseconds.

  • 3000 high performance servers
  • 1000 000+ requests per second
  • Complex calculations per request needed in less than 20 ms
  • Data Centers across the world
  • High availability load balancing and failover
  • Decision tree’s spanning large matrixes

Big Data

Parallel analysis and optimization algorithms trawl the massive amounts of data for identifying patterns and enabling reporting

  • Peta Bytes of data on 2000+ servers
  • Large Hadoop project
  • Huge NoSQL clusters
  • Data pattern analysis using multi-varied processing algorithms and decision trees

Creative Advertising

Adform leads the Rich Media revolution constantly inventing funky engaging formats with video streaming, games, maps, magazines and many other interactions for all devices and supporting e.g. swipe on touch screens

  • Daily creative production for some of the largest media sites with 10+ million users
  • Innovative formats
  • Video, VAST
  • Mobile, Tablets, Touch screens, Swipe
  • Outdoor screen controlled through smart phones for e.g. games
  • Creative Toolkit for Flash


Integrations with partners such as Google, Adobe or Facebook are a key element to making advertising easy and fast. We constantly partner, communicate and integrate with some of the biggest digital players in the world

  • Facebook, Google, Adobe
  • Large e-shops and CMS platform
  • Adform Marketplace
  • TV ads recognition

UX and Real-time Trading

Users in the advertising industry are used to spicy user experiences and design so the Adform UX team has a high focus on UX and general design

  • Daily operations as advertising campaigns planning and Real Time ads buying and optimization must be intuitive and simple
  • Users set up campaigns through our system that spend over > 1 bln DKK
  • To improve user experience we use modern frameworks and libraries along with in-house components
    • Backbone.js
    • jQuery
    • Underscore
    • Handlebars
    • LESS

How we do it?

We prefer flexibility and lightweight requirements instead of huge documents

We have short iterations and we are not afraid to fail fast

We use 50 sticky notes per team each iteration

Being lazy by heart we love automation

  • Automated testing
  • Continuous integration
  • Automated deployment

We also love Scrum and Kanban

We deliver 8-16 features or upgrade each month

We keep a flat organizational structure with small development teams

At our regular “Hackathons” developers work two days on their own projects and elect the winners

Our Unconference is an innovative format to share ideas among great people


If you are interested in career opportunities @ Adform please follow link: