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Company overview 

At Accel Club we acquire and operate profitable and fast growing independent sellers on Amazon especially those with great brands, which sell their products via world's biggest marketplaces: Amazon, Walmart, eBay and other ecommerce channels. We integrate acquired businesses into our platform and boost product sales as well as brands presence to the next level.

The key markets and audience we target are US, Europe, Canada, and Asia.



Our team has deep expertise in digital marketing, ecommerce, technology, and M&A.

We attracted talents from Yandex, BCG, McKinsey, JPMorgan, KPMG, Uber, Unilever, Alibaba, Skillbox, Avito, Lamoda, and many other great companies.

Together we're disrupting one of the largest and most exciting spaces in commerce, and we're looking for you - result-driven and adventurous professional ready to gain new experience, learn non-stop, and think big. We are growing our team and constantly strive to create an environment where everyone is engaged, challenged, and passionate about the work we do.

We don’t forget to have fun too. We're enthusiastic about team-events, interactive collaboration, and sharing our excitement and start-up energy with all of our team members and partners.



Max Firsov, Co-founder of Accel Club. Former: CEO Yandex.Eats, Head of Yandex Food-tech (Y.Eats, Y.Lavka, Y.Chef). Founder & CEO Foodfox (acquired by Yandex), 10+ years experience in e-commerce (incl. Lamoda, Rocket Internet) and Finance (Interros, Aton, Integra).

Nick Tuzenko, Co-founder of Accel Club. Former: Managing Director Busfor (acquired by BlaBlaCar). Boston Consulting Group. MIPT (Phystech).

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