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From modest beginnings in 1973, the Quinn Group has grown
into one of Ireland's top companies with a track record of success
in the diverse industries it has ventured into. The Group's
philosophy is built around our core principle of 'Strength through
Our activities support and reinforce each other, opening up
opportunities for us to add value to our basic products to benefit
our customers. They give us unique insights into new market
developments, allowing us to spot trends early and to respond to
new customer demands with products of continually improving
The benefits that a diverse manufacturing and service group can
deliver to customers depend on skilled, conscientious staff, a high
level of technological investment, an enterprising approach to
opportunity, and dedication to customer service.
Our commitment to our workforce is equalled only by our
commitment to customers. As in the past, the Group sees the
development of a highly skilled and motivated workforce as vital to
its continued success in the years ahead. The Group's philosophy is
to invest in the people who make us what we are, develop career
paths for them and allow new generations of staff to come through
and lead us to higher levels of success.
The second ingredient is the Group's commitment to investing in
new technology throughout our operations - whether it is the
control systems in our manufacturing plants, the back office
systems in our hotels or the software which drives the direct
insurance operations. The commitment to new and improved technology
ensures that we continue to provide the highest quality products to
our customers in the most efficient way available.
Quinn Group has consistently, over a thirty year period, been an
innovator in its market segments. The philosophy of Quinn Group has
always been to grow and diversify, to seize opportunities as well
as demonstrate a responsible approach to the environment.
And the purpose is, as always, to ensure that customers get what
they need when they need it.
No matter what the end product may be - whether it is the
production of cement or glass containers, a stay in one of the
Group's hotels, or the provision of insurance cover - Quinn Group
continuously strives to provide it's customers with quality
products and top class service at a competitive price.
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Представитель компании «Quinn Group»?
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