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CDC Development Solutions, US-based non-profit with over 20 years
of experience, leverages public, private and volunteer resources to
strengthen SMEs and the institutions, governments, and industries
that drive economic growth in emerging markets. Global Citizenship
& Volunteerism Throughout our twenty year history, CDC Development
Solutions has utilized the knowledge and expertise of volunteers to
provide much of our most impactful services. Whether it be highly
experienced short-term Volunteer Advisors, all with a minimum of 10
years of practical experience, MBA Enterprise Corps Advisors and
MBAs Without Borders participants, recent business school graduates
who volunteer their time for up to one year, or drawing from our
Corporate Volunteer Corps, CDC Development Solutions' volunteers
represent a cost-effective way to provide training and technical
assistance while acting as citizen diplomats, building bridges
across cultural and economic divides. CDS currently places hundreds
of volunteers yearly in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.
Supply Chain Development For twenty years, CDC Development
Solutions has applied our unique assets and methodology to enabling
micro, small and medium sized enterprises in emerging markets to
access national, regional and transnational supply chains. In
countries as diverse as Russia, Jamaica and Angola, our work builds
the technical capacities of micro, small and medium sized firms
while providing them with the resources and tools they need to bid
on and win contracts. Stability and Economic Recovery CDC
Development Solutions increasingly operates in countries facing
political or economic crisis or dealing with the aftermath of
natural disasters or conflict, designing innovative programs that
seek to mitigate some of the root economic and social causes of
conflict, to minimize the conditions for a return to violence in
post-conflict states, and to assist in a nation’s timely and
broad-based recovery in the wake of a disaster. CDC Development
Solutions practice builds on twin principles: (1) many conflicts
can be prevented by developing healthy economies and spreading the
benefits of prosperity and (2) the aftermath of most conflicts and
disasters can be better-managed and recovery can occur more quickly
not only through strong institutions and leadership but also
through the utilization of key components of private sector
economies. Tourism Development In both established tourism
destinations such as the Caribbean and nascent markets like Mali
and Nigeria, CDC Development Solutions applies our expertise in
working with micro, small and medium sized firms to utilize the
power of domestic and international tourism as a tool for
broad-based economic growth. Our methodologies, which are
encompassed by our Tourism Employment Opportunities (TEMPO) model
and supported by our Tourism Products Registry and Tourism
Development Corps, create sustainable tourism enterprises and
ensure that development is undertaken in a responsible manner that
supports small businesses, local communities, cultural heritage,
and environmental stewardship. Access to Finance for Development
The Access to Finance for Development practice mobilizes small
business financing in emerging markets. CDS provides training and
technical assistance to local SMEs to access bank loans and equity
investments, as well as to local banks to increase their small
business lending capabilities. CDS has also conducted feasibility
studies and consultancies on SME loan guarantee facilities in
Equatorial Guinea and Angola to leverage its work in supply chain
development. Finally, CDS supports SME risk capital fund managers
through deal flow development, portfolio value creation, investment
staff training and technical assistance fund raising.
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